A smoothie company in Austin, Houston and Dallas, TX and Brooklyn, NY carry a rare add-in ingredient. In addition to their delicious sounding smoothies and juices; Juiceland serves CBD oil as an add in. For only a dollar the consumer can add CBD oil to their drink. Their freshly made smoothies or juices can be either made to your liking or order a concoction where Juiceland has already made picked the ingredients. Drink CBD for a delicious way to consume CBD.

The company can see the importance of CBD and the benefits that come after consumption. With a company that has many locations it is great to see people are trying and experimenting with CBD. Many benefits come from this cannabinoid, making it a versatile oil that can relieve many consumers ailments.

A CBD smoothie is a great way to consume CBD. You can get a great amount of nutrients from the whatever fruits, vegetables, oils, seeds or nuts you choose to put inside. Use a few drops from the Infinite CBD dropper in the smoothie for a tasty way to experience benefits. This is a great way to kick off the day to a good start.

Benefits of CBD in the Morning

Calm mind and reduce anxiety

Patients use CBD as a great way to relieve symptoms of anxiety. This includes; anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD and social anxiety disorder. CBD acts with certain receptors within the body to restore a balanced system. Fear, stress and anxiety take a toll on someone’s life which lead to negative effects; mentally, physically and emotionally.

Treatments for anxiety today have limited response rates while symptoms are still present. Studies that look at the effects of CBD on anxiety show results at high doses of CBD. The effects of anxiety were reduced. The participants of the study saw the effects of social anxiety disorder become less intense and felt more calm.


5-HT1A Receptor Activation of the 5-HT1A receptor involves with anxiolytic, antidepressant and antipsychotic mental properties. It also lowers blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate. Upon consumption, CBD will active the receptor to restore biological or neurological processes.

Provide awakeness

Due to the interaction of CBD on the brain, various parts of the brain are stimulated to provide the user with wakefulness. This is great for those busy days where you need a little extra to get through the day. Consume in the morning as a CBD smoothie for a great addition to your breakfast. Wake-inducing agents will keep you up and feel awake all day.

Finding a great way to wake-up in the morning that is healthy for the body is hard to do. Caffeine is said to not be the greatest for the body as it can take a toll. Of course you should stay away from energy drinks but many find ourselves drinking them to stay awake. Since CBD is made of 100% industrial hemp, this is a great natural alternative that will induce being awake.


Consume CBD in the morning for the perfect start to your day. Study results conclude that CBD works as a great wake-inducing agent. In their study they conclude findings that demonstrate the works of cannabidiol on the Lateral Hypothalamus and Dorsal Raphe Nuclei. CBD stimulates neuron in the LH, the hypothalamus which associate with wakefulness. DRN also demonstrated an increase in activity upon administration of CBD. This goes hand in hand with the knowledge that DRN activity is higher during waking.

Reduce pain and inflammation

One of the many medical benefits that patients use CBD for is to treat chronic pain or inflammation. CBD interacts with the body to the provide ease and relaxation. From cancer pain to the management of pain, CBD will relieve discomfort within the body. A CBD smoothie in the morning will start your day on the good note; pain throughout the day will subside.

Patients looking to relieve chronic pain often times turn to narcotics to relieve the pain. This can lead to addiction and other negative side effects. CBD naturally works with receptors in the body to relieve pain and inflammation for long periods of time. With no psychoactive effects, this cannabinoids can be consumed in the morning without any groggy feeling.


Upon consumption, this cannabinoid will act on the CB2 receptor to directly deliver relief to the body. The CB2 receptor is known to regulate pain in addition to inflammation and immune function. Study shows that that patients who consume have the ability to treat pain with CBD.

CBD Smoothie Recipe

Very Berry Smoothie

1 c. Frozen raspberries
1 c. Frozen strawberries
½ c. Vanilla yogurt
½ c. Blueberries
3 tsp. Honey
1 tsp. Fresh ground ginger
A few drops of Infinite CBD

Combine: Place all ingredients into the blender and mix until well combined. Pour into a cup and enjoy your delicious CBD smoothie.