When we are able to get our CBD at a lower price; you are able to get your CBD at a lower price. Infinite CBD is extremely excited to announce the new prices for CBD products. Our teams works hard to provide customers with high-quality CBD products at an affordable cost. We have seen how CBD works in one’s life and understand how big of an impact it has day-to-day.
CBD has become a product that many rely on daily for relief so there should be affordable CBD products. Therefore, our team does what we can to lower your price on CBD products. We hope this will eliminate the number of people without access CBD due to high costs.

Same CBD, New Price

Don’t worry, our affordable CBD products still come from the same source. This means that we are continuing to provide you with the same products just at a lower price. Just because we have been able to lower our prices on our products, doesn’t mean we are lowering the quality of CBD we provide. Check out our lab results on each product page to see exactly what you are getting in your CBD products. We update lab results with each new batch of CBD utilized in our products. We make our lab results available to all so they can understand exactly what is in the CBD they are using.

Affordable CBD Products Price Comparison

The table below compares our new pricing with current competitor pricing. These prices were taken from each companies website on April 18, 2017. Based on these competitors and many others, we offer affordable CBD products while continuing to provide above 99% pure CBD isolate.

BrandCapsuleDropperIsolateIsolate w/terpenes
Infinite CBD$52.5/1000mg$80/2500mg$27.5/g$30/g
Pure Hemp Botanicals$134.95/1500mg$244.85/3000mg$39.95/g

Too Good To Be True?

These new lower prices are here to stay. Order your Infinite CBD products whenever you need them at an affordable price, year-round.

What to Look For in CBD Companies

  • Are test results available? This does not distinguish if a company has good product or not but it will help you, as the consumer, to understand what you are buying. There are many different kinds of CBD on the market, finding the test results to what is in the CBD will be most beneficial to you.
  • Extraction Method. Using a variety of solvents, the cannabinoid CBD is extracted. Make sure that the company you select has an extraction method that you agree with. Some people are particular on the type of solvent used during extraction.
  • It’s about quality. Don’t look for the cheapest product available. Although our new prices are competitive to the consumer we are still providing the same quality CBD. For some companies this is not the case. Be sure that the quality of your CBD products are your first priority.