Is a Vaporizing CBD Right for You?

Vaping CBD benefits the consumer in many ways. A vape cartridge and Absolute Zero from Infinite CBD are both vaporizing products where one inhales the pure vapor of the product. This means that all the harmful effects during the burning process and combustion don’t go into your lungs. This happens by a atomizer or cartomizer that heats up the material which releases a pure vapor without any bad toxins. The material heats at a low temperature to provide only the purest form of smoke.

Vape cartridges are an easy and convenient way to get the benefits of CBD. Infinite CBD’s cartridges can easily be attached to a 510 thread battery . We cannot guarantee all 510 batteries will provide the desirable taste or burn. If your cartridge does not work with a 510 batter, try one that has a setting of 3.0 to 3.3 volts.


All of our vape cartridges are made with terpenes. When terpenes and cannabinoids coincide with each the effects they deliver are more intense to the consumer. Especially with the use of plain CBD, the addition of cannabis-derived terpenes enhance the effects one feels. Whether you are looking for something you can consume in the morning or at night, our cartridges and dabbable product come in the right strain for you.

Load Absolute Zero into a vape pen too. This will be a delicious way to taste the terpenes while feeling the effects. The best way to smoke Absolute Zero to taste all the flavor is to burn at a low temperature. Consume both raw Absolute Zero or with additional terpenes through a CBD vape pen. The addition of terpenes still makes the the CBD safe for the consumer to vape.

Vaping CBD Benefits

  • Reduce shortness in breath
  • Reduction in cough
  • Reduction in sore throat
  • No toxins go into your lungs
  • An increase in exercise tolerance
  • Less harmful chemicals

Typically people turn to vape cartridges because they contain few ingredients. You will find Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, cannabis oil or nicotine with flavoring. Although these ingredients might be better for one than a cigarette; PV and VG are still chemicals that are harsh for the body.

A vape cartridge from Infinite CBD does not use any harsh chemicals; instead it uses a proprietary blend that is made of all natural ingredients. We mix this blend with our industrial hemp-derived CBD for a safe way to smoke CBD. No harsh chemicals is top at the list for vaping CBD benefits.

Vaping vs. Smoking

Since vaporizers have come into the market, they have become a preferred method to consume cannabis. Vaporize our Absolute Zero products on your own vape pen or attach a cartridge to your 510 thread battery. Patients turn to vaporizing more than smoking because of the following;

Better for your health. When you add product into your vape pen, the atomizer will heat it to provide pure vapor of the material. During this burning process any toxins are left behind so you don’t inhale harsh particles, ultimately making consumption healthier for you.

More effects. When you vaporize product you’ll typically get the most out of it. Studies display that when someone who vaporizes gets 30 to 40 percent more out of it than smoking. Vaping CBD benefits the user because the effects they feel are more dominant.

Easy to use. Whether you are using our Absolute Zero or a vape cartridge, both products have ease of use. Add your dose of Absolute Zero to a vape pen and inhale or attach a vape cartridge to a battery.

Stealth. The use of a CBD vape pen makes consumption of CBD convenient and fast. No matter where you are, take a few puffs from the pen to feel relief almost immediately. There is not much of a smell except from the terpenes. If for some reason you’re worried about who knows about using CBD, a pen is stealth enough that no one will know.

Enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD with products from Infinite CBD.